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Candl Stacks

A new way of using candles

  • Campaign
  • Art Direction
  • Digital
  • Website
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • 2020—2021

CANDL STACKS by Stan Editions is a project developed by Stan Verstraete in close collaboration with canjotto. The result is a search for "a new way of using candles". We developed an all-in package to launch the brand.

Overzicht stacks def

A full-service branding project with a focus on Online sales.

Stan Verstraete Brand manager

Online strategy

The look & feel illustrates the product and is ideal to roll-out in all communication of the brand. For the overall 360° campaign we developed a communication package: Video, Photography, Animations, Copywriting, Packaging, …

Candl Story
Shopify Integration

The online marketing campaign aims to increase online conversion. Therefor we developed a webshop with a full integration in all social media channels.

Candl webshop B
Packaging design

The perfect gift package

DSC0017 2 Edit 0001 Helderheid contrast 1 SFW
Online Folder

An easy-to-use instruction manual.

DSC0092 sfw

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