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Paradise Kortijk

Triënnale voor actuele kunst

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital
  • Identity
  • 2020—2021

After a fruitful edition of Kortrijk Play, the city of Kortrijk made plans for a new and like-minded event. The cultural newcomer was named Paradise. Paradise is an art triennial with over 30 participating artists, exposed throughout the city. Our mission was to create a recognizable identity that speaks to everyone.


The logo design originates from experimenting with typograhy on ribbons. With the wind as a decisive element, our experiment lead to a dynamic and contemporary logo. The ribbons are a symbol for stepping outside and the way to paradise.

Paradise website case 21 04 193
Paradise website case 21 04 194
PARADISE billboards
Paradise website case 21 04 199
Paradise website case 21 04 198
Paradise website case 21 04 196
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